This page describes the release process for Imba release managers.

There is currently no official release schedule for the Imba project. If a critical bug has been found that will warrant a new release, but this will likely change with a formal release schedule when development activity is back up.

The rest of this page serves as a checklist for the release manager.


To avoid issues with the deployment please go through these steps

Validating the Changes

  • The tests are passing npm run test

  • Make sure you have run npm build

Making the Version

  • Verify your current version before bumping npm version

If the version looks correct you can proceed by bumping the version. In most cases this will be the patch but you know what you are doing 😉

  • npm version patch

If you want to change the other versions the available options are (major, minor)

  • Verify the version looks good again by running npm version and with git git tag.

If both look good you can proceed by pushing your changes to GitHub

Publishing the Changes

  • git push origin master && git push origin --tags

  • Create release notes that are basically a summary of the output in git log 1.4.3..v1.4.7

  • Use those release notes on the GitHub releases page.

  • Then finally publish to by running npm publish

  • Make a tweet on the @imbajs account